Top 5 Uses of the Latest Drone Technology in the Business World

5 uses of UAVs

UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) or commonly known as drones are changing the old methods of business and opening several new opportunities for them. Drones are capable of doing all the stuff which is either not possible or highly difficult to do manually. Such as providing better media coverage, help in filmmaking, providing supplies in the disaster-prone areas and much more.
There are certain rules and regulations which one needs to follow before using the drones for commercial purposes. But with time, commercial application of drone technology has grown. Since the usage is high, the prices of the drones are made reasonable, so that more people can use it. Now it’s easy to availĀ the best drones for under $500
Applications of Drone Technology in the Business World
Have a look at the businesses which are using the drone technology and how in the future it will be used for both small as well as large enterprises.

How are drones being used? [including the cheap 500 dollar ones]

1. Architecture & Construction
Drones have proven to be quite useful for the architectural firms as well as construction contractors. Architects can use the images and the footage collected by the drones of a property to create a 3D structure. Architects can create real-world concepts of their projects based on the aerial shots they got from a drone. These plans even help the designers to build the project.
2. Use of Drone as a Service
Measure is a company which is using the drone technology as a service. It’s a unique concept developed by the company to reduce the risks as well as costs related to using drones for businesses.

DJI, the leading drone manufacturer provides turnkey drone solutions to all the enterprises as well as entrepreneurs at affordable prices.
They mainly help customer avail the drone, without investing the capital for the same and by providing drone support for their betterment.
3. Engineering projects
Several engineering firms are using the drones for their in-depth projects like transmission cables, oil pipelines and for maintenance inspections. Drones are also used for projects like road construction, infrastructure projects, airport planning, etc. as mainly engineering firms are involved in these kinds of projects. Drones are efficient and accurate in providing survey readings. The best part is now one can get cheap drones under $500.

4. Environmental Monitoring and Conservation
Just like drones are used in the agriculture to monitor the crops and animals, it can be used to monitor the ecological environments. Drones can also be used to monitor the animal population without disturbing them. It helps in the conservation plans, habitat management, migration tracking, disaster assessment using drones, etc.
Drones are used to identify rare species residing in the hard to reach places.
5. Media Coverage
Earlier the aerial view was available to large organizations only which have a news helicopter. But, now even the small-scale media firms are using drones to capture the aerial footage for any news. Drones are better than helicopters as they can go to the tighter areas, go closer to the ground and cover the whole area. A camera equipped drone can be used to have a face to face interview making it more engaging and dynamic. There are several blogs and facebook pages like dronesedia-UAV, quadcopter on drones that are covering the latest
You must be thinking to get a drone for your business too. So why wait? Get drones under $500 and enjoy all the benefits of having a drone.

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